Trunk Force 7 Hiatus

SelfPortraitBased on my current schedule and need to paint, I’m putting my creature creation on hiatus. I want to do more of them but feel like I need to move beyond the black and white and start adding in shading and/or colors.  By painting everyday be it from photos, life, imagination or a combination of the two I hope to improve all aspects of my art.

Hopefully if it all goes well and according to plan. I’ll be back up and running with some better stories, comics, and products by the new year.

Thanks for reading.  See you soon.



Check it Out! House (1986)

HouseWhat happens when you put a writer who’s got writers block and suffers horrible nightmares about the Vietnam war into the haunted house where his Aunt Elizabeth, who’s an avid surrealist painter, killed herself? WEIRD BAT SHIT CRAZY STUFF, but in a good way. Not only did his Aunt kill herself in the house, his son drown in the pool. Only a writer seeking a horror story could subject himself to this much grief.

The ghost of his Aunt appears and as she pulls the noose over her head says, “It’s the house, it tricked me. It’s going to trick you too Roger. Leave while you can!” BUT, he doesn’t.

Which door will he open next? What’s in that room? What’s in that closet?

House stars William Katt, best known, to me at least as The Greatest American Hero, as the writer Roger.

Adding to the mood of the movie, his neighbor is George Wendt, Norm from Cheers and during his Vietnam flashback one of his buddies is Richard Moll, Bull from Night Court.

Slowly as the movie goes on the house seems to feed off of Roger’s dreams and moods and the doors he opens stop leading to normal places.

Fed by a pretty great soundtrack filled with stingers and moody sounds. This 1986 movie is really packed with some great humor as well as the horror that is a man slowly giving in to his nightmares and obsessions. Definitely worth checking out. It’s currently on Netflix.


Tuscaloosa… Fandemonium

Most of you are probably familiar with the fan scene at scifi/fantasy/comic book/movie types of conventions. I bet a lot of you hate or hated sports and I thought I’d share how being a fan of something has a lot of parallels.

2014-09-13 19.50.37 copyCosplay… almost everybody has on a jersey of their favorite player. Granted it’s not as exact as a good superhero costume, but for the wearer it’s just as fun.

2014-09-13 15.07.17 copy

Autographs… I didn’t get any this past weekend, but there were quite a few tables set up with former players signing.

2014-09-13 16.40.11 copyGAMES… whereas the typical gaming convention has games played all over, game day is all a build up to the one main game.

Tailgating… This is something that is happening a little more with food trucks becoming popular, but is definitely something that could be incorporated at some point. Especially if you’re waiting in a will call line or show up a day early to prepare for the rest of the weekend.

In Tuscaloosa, what is a one day affair in most college towns really starts on Thursday with people in RV travelling hundreds of miles to attend or just hang out at their usual parking spaces.

Check it Out! Rigor Mortis

RigorMortisThis movie has a pretty interesting take on the vampire myth and the effects are top notch. There’s a cool vampire hunter, plenty of innocuous ghosts, a couple of unholy terrors, and some black magic.

One of the interesting things about the vampire in this story is how it’s created. Not through a normal bite but through a black magic resurrection. The vampire must wear a mask made of coins, possibly silver, but not specific really they’re the hole in the middle Chinese style  of coin. The way it’s used it seems to suppress the urge to drink blood and eat human flesh. Seems like a great way to fight against a curse of lycanthropy or  other type of vampirism in a home campaign.

The twin ghost girls are something that would also make an interesting villain for a campaign. Really twisted in how they came to be and in how they act towards the living.

Give this movie a shot, it’s got a lot of interesting aspects to it and I think you’ll enjoy the weirdness through out.

Coins of Chaos

These hand formed clay coins are imprinted with the symbol of the cult of chaos. Each coin is made from clay, straw, and the blood of a law giver. When one is broken and the command word is said a random effect takes place from a swarm of insects to a dense fog of corrupting purple gases.



When a coin is used, roll 1d4 and 1d8. The d4 determines which table the d8 effect it read from.