Main Characters

Maxmillian “Max” Tremaine

MaxPortraitTuesdays feature Maxmillian “Max” Tremaine, gnome alchemist and purveyor of hard to find and unique items. Not only has Max run Trunk Force 7 for the past few decades, but he’s a fourth generation member of Trunk Force. His Father was a member of Trunk Force 5, his grandfather Trunk Force 4, and his great grandfather was in Trunk Force 2 and 3. Many of the relics used by Trunk Force 7 were inherited from these Trunk Force Hall of Fame members.

WolfPortraitWednesdays feature aspects of the hunt and the man in charge of hunting, tracking, killing or capturing the creatures is Wolf Brubaker. He’s been with Trunk Force 7 for the past decade or so and is an expert marksman. His team use their skills and knowledge, in addition to specialty items to help them during their encounters. His team consists of a few blunt objects, the clay golem Lumpy and iron golem Squeak. Usually you don’t name an object but these two are closer to being humans than they are to being pots and pans. The key member of his team that he really couldn’t do without is Archibald Crowley.

ArchibaldPortraitThursday feature Archibald Crowley is a half-elf wizard and he joined Trunk Force 7 at the same time as Wolf. Archibald utilizes his arcane skills and knowledge to make sure that the team uses as much of a creature and it’s leavings as possible. He usually rides in his cart researching, cataloging, and preserving creatures from the worlds the team has visited.

Additional Characters

Mother Superior Esmerelda Rose


The Constructs



Herman, the Homunculous


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